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We all want our skin to be flawless, free of blemishes, be firm, wrinkle free, and have that healthy glow. OVER-THE-COUNTER OR COSMETIC-COUNTER PRODUCTS certainly look good, smell good, and are packaged and marketed to sound like they can work wonders for your skin, but the truth is they only contain a “pinch” of any active ingredient and can only work on the very outer layer of your skin (epidermis). They can’t penetrate into the deeper layers, where they need to be to work if any transformation is going to take place.


Our skin has many layers, and most aging changes and sun-damage take place in the deeper layers of the skin and in the tissues just under the skin. The outermost layers of the skin cycle and eventually shed over about six weeks as new cells form, but this process slows as we age, and damage occurs. The only way to cause real change in the skin with product is to use medical grade products with the quality and amount of active ingredients that can penetrate deeper into the skin and effect skin cells.


MEDICAL GRADE PRODUCTS have clinical trials and science behind them and have been shown to work.

Medical grade skin care products are strong enough to correct the skin because they can reach deeper layers of the skin than OTC products. Active ingredients such as retinol’s (Vitamin A), Vitamins C and E, and glycolic, hyaluronic, or lactic acids are most effective when they reach those deeper skin layers (dermal layers and below). These ingredients, in proper amounts, can actually make changes in your skin. 

Why are Medical Grade Products more expensive than most OTC products?

The inclusion of more effective active ingredients at higher concentrations may at first make these medical grade products seem costly, but less product is typically needed to deliver superior results. Also, our medical grade products are packaged without spacers and weights used in many OTC and cosmetic counter products, so that our products, when used properly, last months instead of 4-6 weeks. So, the cost/benefit calculation actually makes medical grade products a better bargain in the long run.

Why are some of the Products listed as “available by prescription only"? 


Certain Medical ingredients, if used incorrectly, may be harsh or irritating to the skin, and should be dispensed only by medical professionals trained to evaluate whether that concentration is appropriate for your skin condition. This site is not a substitute for a skin consultation and evaluation.  If you are currently a patient of Dr. Bunin’s and she has prescribed these products, please contact her office to order these products. If you would like a consult with her, please contact her office to arrange for an appointment.

Whether you are concerned about changes in your skin, or merely want to prevent damage and keep your skin healthy, we have medical grade products that can work for you!

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Disclaimer: Please note that because our products are medical grade and contain stronger concentrations of active ingredients than over the counter products, some people may experience some redness, tingling or even mild flaking when first using them. This is not an allergy, but the body's adjusting to shedding the old skin layers and revealing healthier new skin.  Simply cut back on the amount and frequency of use, to every other day or every few days until you gradually adjust, and use more moisturizer. If you are extremely sensitive and symptoms persist please see a dermatologist or medical specialist for a personalized consult.